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The music group Synthosys was founded in 2023 by the union of two artists with a great passion for music. The main musical genres produced are: electropop, electronic, indie, IDM, ambient, and music film. Luigi Stupia and N3oZ are the members who make up the band "Synthosys," a name that reflects the harmony present in their musical productions. The name of the band also contains the letter "Omega," which represents the last letter of the Greek alphabet encapsulating the meaning of "end" as the achievement of predetermined goals. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Sicily, they decided to create their music group with the aim of exploring alternative and unique sounds. Our music is characterized by a unique combination of experimental sounds, catchy melodies, and engaging rhythms in continuous artistic evolution. Synergy is a fundamental element in Synthosys' productions. Each new track created offers a unique musical experience, aiming to overcome conventional listening barriers. Thanks to the combination of diverse and complementary skills, Synthosys can create complex songs and varied lyrics capable of eliciting intense emotions in every listener. Their music is characterized by creativity and originality, reflecting the love and dedication they put into their artistic journey.

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