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EN - SYNTHOSYS MUSIC, born in 2024, emerges with a bold vision and a compelling mission: to set new standards of art and culture in the realm of audio and video. Founded upon a passion for innovation and boundless creativity, SYNTHOSYS MUSIC aims to be more than just a record label; it is a catalyst for artistic excellence and global inspiration.

At its core, SYNTHOSYS MUSIC is driven by a commitment to bridge a gap in the music industry, offering a platform dedicated solely to artistic excellence and uncompromising quality. Our mission is clear: to discover and promote exceptionally talented artists, providing them with the resources and support needed to bring their boldest creative visions to life.

We aspire to elevate art and culture, making a lasting impact on the global artistic landscape by promoting and championing works that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to supporting authentic artists and superior-quality material, ensuring that every project upholds uncompromising excellence.

We aim to expand our global presence, offering artists a worldwide platform to showcase their work and reach an international audience. Committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the music industry, we constantly explore new technologies and strategies to enhance the production, distribution, and promotion of music and video content.

SYNTHOSYS MUSIC celebrates diversity and inclusion, providing a platform for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and promoting initiatives that reflect the richness of human diversity.

SYNTHOSYS MUSIC is more than a record label; it is a driving force for innovation and inspiration in the world of art and culture, dedicated to shaping the future of the music industry and making a positive impact on society.

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