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N3oZ producer from a young age always looking for new sounds to compose his ownown melodies. He has chosen to remain anonymous as an integral part of hisartistic figure.He actively started his musical career in 2011 through stimulating collaborationswith other Sicilian artists and the publication of songs on the "Apparel" label. In2022 he released his first album titled 'Restart' and has produced music for labelssuch as 'Beatfreack Records' and 'Manmademusic'.Who is N3oZ? You may be wondering why there are no photos of the person oryou are simply curious to know who is behind my artist name.That is why it is specified that the policy chosen by the artist is aimed at theprotection of privacy.In our age, appearance is important and it will be a real challenge to concentrateforces not to show myself to you.Music doesn't need helmets, hoods and wigs, just listen!“I know for sure that hiding my identity doesn't necessarily mean arousingcuriosity in the listener, but certainly every track you listen to will add animportant piece of my artistic personality. There is no need to label things if theyare sincere and I will be sincere to my audience.”

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