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Sara has always kept music in her heart since she was a child. Growing up with an innate passion for singing, she began performing on stage during her teenage years, taking part in local events and competitions. However, she didn’t limit herself to singing: she honored her writing skills, producing her first musical creation in 2019 with the single “Scars” followed by “The Best Of Me” in 2021.
With a preference for pop/alternative genres, Sara is not afraid to push through her limits experimenting with different sounds and styles. Her music, authentic and profound, reflects her deepest thoughts and passions. The lyrics, opened to the listener’s interpretation, represent a journey into the soul.
Her goal is clear: through music Sara wants to dig underneath the surface, transforming thoughts, ideas and experiences into sounds that can touch the souls of the listeners  and captivate them. Her mission is to inspire and connect, crossing borders and cultures and going beyond what we can see.

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